The way of creative consciousness – Aug 2017

By 7. June 2017
The Way Of Creative Consciousness
12. August 2017 14:00 - 18:00 NOR:nordic health house · Hejrevej 30, 5. 2400 København NV, Denmark


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This if for you, if:

  • You want to access your deepest leadership skills
  • You seek spiritual guidance and greater consciousness
  • If you want to feel greater fulfilment and joy

Join to:

  1. Feel the power of a transformed consciousness. Discover your Spiritual Vision.
  2. Experience the profound impact of OWA’s Meditations. Experience Heartfelt Connection.
  3. Immerse yourself in a sacred space of inner peace, stillness, joy and connection.

A transformational journey with Senior teacher Ananda Giri from One World Academy and introductionary session by Henning Daverne

Awaken to the ‘Power of your own Being’ through OWA’s spiritual wisdom and meditation practices.

Power of Being is an full of impact and heart-opening meditative experience brought to you by One World Academy- a wisdom and meditation school for a new consciousness located near Chennai, India


One World Academy, a wisdom and meditation school for Enlightenment is located in India. It synthesises ancient practices with modern scientific understanding of brain and consciousness interrelation.

This enlightenment school is bringing a very rare opportunity to experience its timeless wisdom, usually only available in India, with its weekend spiritual journey to The Denmark.


Everybody has mentors – even the #1 mentor in the world Tony Robbins. Every Year Tony travels to India to get spiritual guidance and mentoring by the One World Academy instructors. Now for the first time in Denmark you can meet the Lead Instructor from One World Academy.

Learn now from the source where even Tony Robbins has found the well known Beautiful State of Being…

Meet the Speakers

Ananda Giri

Ananda Giri is a gifted spiritual teacher with over 25 years of experience in teaching and guiding advanced spiritual retreats, Ananda Giri’s deep insights coupled with his unassuming and friendly presence continue to inspire ever more people world-over to find there true spiritual leadership and live a joyous life, free of inner conflict.

Over the last 15 years he has addressed varied audiences in all the six major continents and more recently, at the prestigious Aspen Institute and Harvard University. Currently Ananda Giri travels extensively around the world conducting different spiritual and meditation programs to raise awareness on living a limitless life.

Henning Daverne

Meditation Teacher, Lecturer, Writer

Henning Daverne has a background in martial arts and ranks among the highest graded martial artists in Europe.

Henning studied meditation for 12 years with his mentor the indian meditation master Majarajii and has written 4 books on the subject and is considered by many to be one of the leading voices in the field of corporate meditation and mindfulness

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NOR:nordic health house · Hejrevej 30, 5. 2400 København NV, Denmark

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