Being Limitless

By 19. November 2016
27. January 2017 18:00 - 29. January 2017 17:00 IDRÆTTENS HUS, Brøndby Stadion 20, 2605 Brøndby

22. -24. SEPTEMBER 2017

Fredag 16:45 – 20:30

Lørdag 9:00 – 18:00

Søndag 09:00-17:30

IDRÆTTENS HUS, Brøndby Stadion 20 2605 Brøndby

Come and join the Being Limitless with Ananda Giri and Henning Daverne

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Key Take Aways

  • Great Peace and Joy
  • Enduring Relationships
  • Conquering Challenges Intelligently
  • Fulfilling Achievements
  • Intuitive Leadership

Learn the 4 principles of limitlessness

  1. Principle of inner truth
  2. Principle of spiritual connection
  3. Principle of expanding consciousness
  4. Principle of the web of life

Hotel possibilities

Hotel muligheder:Det er muligt at bestille hotelværelser til Idrættens Hus i weekenden.Prisen er 675 kr. per nat for et enkelt værelse inklusive morgenmad, og 960 kr. per nat for et dobbeltværelse inklusive morgenmad.Værelserne kan bookes direkte gennem Idrættens Hus pr mail: [email protected] eller telefon: 0045 4326 2626 – hvor du kan refere til Speakers Club konferencen.Værelserne kan annulleres op til 24 timer før ankomst.

Oplev kraften i den grænseløse bevisthed

Being Limitless er en magisk rejse, der vil vække din egen grænseløse bevisthed. På Being Limitless vil du for første gang opleve en række spirituelle principper og kraftfulde meditationer der vil skabe uset klarsyn og hjælpe dig til at skabe det liv, du drømmer om.

Mange af os lever i travlhed og er fastholdt i hamsterhjulet og det begrænser vores evne til virkelig at åbne vores hjerter og forbinde med livet omkring os. Being Limitless giver os mulighed for at nå ellers uopnåelige smukke tilstande af væren, dyb intuition og lyksalighed. I denne tilstand af grænseløs bevidsthed vil du opleve den kraft der skal til for at overvinde livets store udfordringer og det klarsyn der skal til for at definere det dybere formål med dit liv. Being Limitless er en magisk rejse, der byder på effektive spirituelle ledelsesprincipper og redskaber og en række kraftfulde meditationer, som vil støtte dig på din rejse mod dit drømmeliv.


One World Academy, a wisdom and meditation school for Enlightenment is located in India. It synthesises ancient practices with modern scientific understanding of brain and consciousness interrelation.

This enlightenment school is bringing a very rare opportunity to experience its timeless wisdom, usually only available in India, with its weekend spiritual journey to The Denmark.


Everybody has mentors – even the #1 mentor in the world Tony Robbins. Every Year Tony travels to India to get spiritual guidance and mentoring by the One World Academy instructors. Now for the first time in Denmark you can meet the Lead Instructor from One World Academy.

Learn now from the source where even Tony Robbins has found the well known Beautiful State of Being…

Mød speakerne

Ananda Giri

Ananda Giri is a gifted spiritual teacher with over 25 years of experience in teaching and guiding advanced spiritual retreats, Ananda Giri’s deep insights coupled with his unassuming and friendly presence continue to inspire ever more people world-over to find there true spiritual leadership and live a joyous life, free of inner conflict.

Over the last 15 years he has addressed varied audiences in all the six major continents and more recently, at the prestigious Aspen Institute and Harvard University. Currently Ananda Giri travels extensively around the world conducting different spiritual and meditation programs to raise awareness on living a limitless life.

Henning Daverne

Meditation Teacher, Lecturer, Writer

Henning Daverne has a background in martial arts and ranks among the highest graded martial artists in Europe.

Henning studied meditation for 12 years with his mentor the indian meditation master Majarajii and has written 4 books on the subject and is considered by many to be one of the leading voices in the field of corporate meditation and mindfulness

Learn more about Henning at



Bring Friends or Family

Bring your friends or family and get additional discount. The “Being Limitless” weekend is also a lovely journey towards manifesting enlightened relationships and we would love to make it possible for you to enjoy this magnificent weekend in the company of your loved ones.

STANDARD TICKET FOR 3 PERSONS: 9.997 ex. vat (Normal: 13.485)

VIP TICKET FOR 3 PERSONS: 11.997 ex. vat (Normal: 16.485)

For a Family package write [email protected]


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September 22-24, 2017- Being Limitless - STANDARD 4.995,00 DKK


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